sugarpaste ribbon story

The  story  of  sugarpaste  ribbon  begins  back in 1984. The founder of   SUGART,  Athanasios  Salagiannis, always experimenting with new & modern ways to decorate cakes, thought it would be a real innovation, to create an edible cake ribbon, with embossed pattern, that would be ready to instantly be placed around the cake.

Driven with enthusiasm for this idea and without losing any time, he began to work hard to turn his vision into reality. The first machine was a hand-made machine, created from scratch by himself, while the first mold was hand-made as well, carved by a skilled artisan, that was instructed to create it.  In late 1987 and after a lot of effort and endless testings, the first sample of the sugarpaste ribbon was produced.

The sugarpaste ribbon looked absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately, the first packaging, as well as the initial formula of the sugarpaste, did not give the desired longevity to the product. It took intensive work, perseverance and a lot of personal effort to achieve all the essential improvements.

The product was first presented at a Greek trade fair in Athens, back in 1991 and thrilled the audience. However, due to the particularly complex production process, the product proved to be quite expensive for those times and so sales were limited just to few high-end pastry shops in Greece.

This was an undeniably very difficult project, but he was fully determined to make it work. Sugart, expanded slowly and steadily and  consolidated it’s position to the market, while at the same time, continuous efforts were paid to create that perfect and cost effective product, he had dreamed of.

Throughout the years, several modifications happened to the product. The sugarpaste ribbon changed a lot of packagings, many different production methods were tested and several improvements were made to the formula of the sugarpaste itself. Yet, all the efforts where absolutely worthwhile and led the sugarpaste ribbon to its present, indeed perfect, form and excellent quality.

Today and after all this long journey, sugarpaste ribbon is available in more than 30 designs and Sugart is proudly exporting it in numerous countries in Europe, America and Asia.

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sugarpaste ribbon faq


Sugarpaste ribbon, is an innovative product, invented and produced from Sugart. It is an edible sugarpaste ribbon, with embossed finish, ready to be instantly applied around the cake.

Yes, we can create custom mold to have any design you aspire, such as the logo of your company, a message and/or wish in your language or any other design you need. For any further information, please contact us.

The sugarpaste ribbons are available in 1.25m & 5m length packaging. However, for special projects, special packaging can be made. For any further information, please contact us.

Height depends on each sugarpaste ribbon design, but the range is from 1.25cm up to 5cm. To see all the available designs, click here.

One meter of sugarpaste ribbon is adequate for a 30-32cm diameter cake.

The basic and recommended color is the white, because it is easier to work in most occasions and it gives more options in usage. Nevertheless, under special request, we can produce is other colors, too.

Sugarpaste ribbon can be sprayed with airbrushing machine, with edible colors, sprays & powders or it can be painted using Sugart’s special tool, to color the embossed part of the ribbon easily, quickly and efficiently. Click here, to see the relevant product.

Yes, sugarpaste ribbons are certified with IFS Version 6 and Kosher Certificate. Clich here, to see our certifications.

If you need further information regarding our sugarpaste ribbons, please contact us and we will be glad to answer all your questions.